Technology Center


Our Philosophy

Quality, our customer and social responsibility are the key elements we take into account when a decision is made in the company.

The Heart of Europe

The production equipment we use are state of the art technology with an automated management system. We ensure each module produced is at its highest quality as each individual product is seen as a piece of art–“German Thinking”.
We established close, long term relationships with our European partners in cooperation for the development of exhibitions and projects covering the demand for high quality components of our clients in Europe.Our carefully selected partners ensure that the highest standards are implemented in every step of producing the final product.
Our flexibility in the area of production is something we are very proud of. We can offer our clients what they need and how they would like to style the modules. We are always innovative and would constantly offer our insights and ideas to our clients.

Technology Center

In headquarters in Germany, we cooperate with the best local materials suppliers to develop new materials for solar panel, aiming to produce the best efficient as well as the most safety solar modules for our customers.
Every tiny progress Hanover Solar is making requested thousands of hours on testing, to make sure every single module is the best module.