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Hanover Solar – Poly Half Cell

Hanover Solar continues to innovate and move forward in the market with the latest version of its Poly Crystalline with Half Cell.

Since the power loss of the cells is generally proportional to the square of the resistance of the current times resistance, cutting the solar cells in half has proved to be an effective way to reduce the loss of resistive power. In fact, power losses are reduced by a factor of four.

In this way, the effective increase in efficiency for panels varies in the range of 1.5-3%, which is significant.

Hanover Solar now produces and distributes Poly Crystalline with Half Cells 1670x992mm with the following outputs 280W, 285W and 290W.

Our panels are equipped with 120 cells and preserve almost the same size as our Poly 60 cells, but with a higher output in each panel.

The best choice for projects is the Poly 290W Half Cell. More output in the same area of a standard 60 cells with cost benefits.

For details and datasheet check here:

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